A first Vagrant script

I have been playing around with Vagrant for development for the last several months. I tried many recipes for setting up a good dev environment, and have put together what I hope to be a good base for PHP, WordPress and Drupal development, the technologies I most frequently work with.

My Vagrant setup can be found on GitHub.

Recipe chaos

Creating a Recipe Database, part 1

Being a big foodie and a home cook, I have quite the collection of recipes. They have been cobbled together over the years, clipped from newspapers and magazines, copied from my mom’s recipes, from cookbooks and online recipe sites. I have a rather large folder of pretty disorganized papers, that is desperately screaming out to be organized. If you are like me, you probably have a similar folder, or maybe even boxes full of recipes.

So how to go about organizing these recipes?

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More Vectors icon font

A vector icon font providing up to date versions of some of the most popular services out there (or at least the ones I’m using or aware of). I am using the icons throughout this site.

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Fluid Baseline Grid Redux

The Fluid Baseline Grid Redux is a CSS framework that expands upon the Fluid Baseline Grid by Josh Hopkins & 40 Horse. I am using it on this site.

The original FBG system was built with typographic standards in mind and combines principals of fluid-column layouts, baseline grids and mobile-first responsive design into a resolution independent and device agnostic framework. It is packed with CSS normalization, beautiful typographic standards, corrected bugs, common browser inconsistencies and improved usability. You can finally have your cake and eat it too, all while making awesome websites.

This Redux version builds on the original project, and ports it to the LESS CSS framework.

GitHub project page

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