The Green Film

2008, 4K, 6 min
My credits: Grip, set dresser

Producer: Juggernaut Pictures Inc. / Scott Renyard
Director: Andrew Williamson

It’s not easy being green – especially when you’re a filmmaker. So how do you make the greenest movie of all time? Is there more to the environmental movement than buying carbon offsets? Drive your Prius to the theatre, bring your own container full of organic popcorn with Vegan butter substitute, watch The Green Film and find out.


Revenge of the Hunted

2007, HD, 13 min.
My credits: Lighting, grip

Past Perfect Productions
Producer/director: Aaron Floresco

A twenty-something woman, Karin, tries to move on with her life after getting out of an abusive relationship. Her ex, Ryan, doesn’t want things to end and moves along with her every step of the way. Trying to ignore Ryan while on a date, Karin decides that she must confront her stalker.
Past Perfect Productions


Lucky – or Not?

Lucky - or Not?

2005, DV
My credits: Producer, director, editor, camera

Official Selection - Ottawa Student and Independent Film Festival 2005

Louis Bach is a man who wins every bet he makes. He is recruited into the mafia to place and win bets on horse races. The cops have been tracking the local mob for some time, and they decide Louis is their way to get a man on the inside. Louis is picked up, and promised immunity if he helps bring in the big boss. He’s being used by both the mob and the police, and he realizes his only way out is to start losing. Will his luck change in time to get his life back? Continue reading “Lucky – or Not?”