WordCamp Vancouver wrap-up

This past Saturday marked a couple of firsts: I attended my first WordCamp, and I also gave my first talk at a tech conference.

My¬†WordCamp experience was amazing all around: the local WordPress community was extremely welcoming, and the sessions were informative and well presented. My talk went well, despite some butterflies in my stomach and a little technical glitch to start my presentation Continue reading “WordCamp Vancouver wrap-up”

New site for my professional work

In 2013, I started my own company for my consulting work: Rex Rana.

In the last month I have launched a dedicated website for Rex Rana, built with Drupal. Going forward, all web, IT and graphic design work will be showcased on the Rex Rana website. I invite you to check it out!

This site will become more personal, and feature my film work, photography and other artistic endeavours.

phSite CMS

Web content management system

Launched in October 2010

phSite CMS is an open source web content management application written in PHP, based on the CodeIgniter PHP framework. Some of its main features are:

  • easy to use and develop for
  • multilingual capablility ‘out of the box’
  • fully customizable content types and data entry fields
  • simple templating using PHP and HTML/CSS
  • integrated media management and gallery functionality
  • extremely flexible and extensible

Project page on LaunchPad