The Leaves

The Leaves

2006 – B&W – 16mm
My credits: Director, camera

A man rediscovers his inner child in a pile of leaves.

On November 19, 2006, I shot “The Leaves”, my entry in IFCO’s Fall 2006 16mm Dogme Challenge. I got one roll of 16mm 7222 black and white negative film, a Bolex camera and had 24 hours to make a film within the following constraints:

  • You may only use available light.
  • You may do only in-camera editing.
  • You may not do any post-production work whatsoever (no editing, no sound, no cuts, no dissolves, etc.)
  • You must show the following credits at some point in your film:
    1. the words: “Fall 2006 IFCO Dogme Challenge ”;
    2. your name;
    3. the film title.

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