phSite CMS

Web content management system

Launched in October 2010

phSite CMS is an open source web content management application written in PHP, based on the CodeIgniter PHP framework. Some of its main features are:

  • easy to use and develop for
  • multilingual capablility ‘out of the box’
  • fully customizable content types and data entry fields
  • simple templating using PHP and HTML/CSS
  • integrated media management and gallery functionality
  • extremely flexible and extensible

Project page on LaunchPad

Vote for Climate

Vote for Climate was an issue-based website that advocated strategic voting for ‘climate-friendly’ candidates during the 2008 Canadian federal election.

I helped implement the Flash and XML based riding selector map for this advocacy site, and also cleaned up the HTML/CSS templates to ensure style uniformity throughout the site. I also implemented form processing using PHP.

Note: the site is no longer live, but you can see a snapshot at the Internet Archive.